Pamela Clark, CVT
Parrot Behavior and Care Consultant


Favorite Links

One of the great things about the internet is the ability to share valuable information across great distances.  Below I have listed some of my favorite websites with a brief explanation of their contents.

Behavior Modification and Training


Dr. Susan Friedman has accomplished what others told her was impossible.  She has developed a caregiver course, Living and Learning with Parrots, that teaches us to use the science of applied behavior analysis to understand the genesis of behavior problems and give us a roadmap for successful resolution.  The focus is on analyzing the ways in which the caregiver's interactions and environmental arrangements maintain existing problem behaviors and how more adaptive behaviors can be taught through the use of positive reinforcement.  The course is designed to teach participants about how parrots learn.  The site also contains a number of fascinating and helpful articles, worksheets and success stories. 

Good Bird Inc.

Barbara Heidenreich provides us with an invaluable resource in this website where parrot caregivers can subscribe to her Good Bird magazine and purchase any  number of DVDs and books that illustrate the use of positive reinforcement to train new behaviors and resolve problems.   The site also offers an abundance of information on parrot behavior and training.  Additionally, Barbara maintains an excellent blog at http//

Karen Pryor Clicker Training

Karen Pryor is a leader in the field of animal training and a recognized world leader in the science and application of marker-based positive reinforcement, or what is often called clicker training.  The site offers a library of clicker training information, as well as resources specifically for bird owners.  If you are interested in learning more about positive reinforcement training, her books Don't Shoot the Dog and Reaching the Animal Mind, are exceptional.

Project Parrot

Jenny Drummey has created a site that helps caregivers learn the basics of behavior, positive reinforcement training, and optimum bird care.  Jenny has also created a set of free parrot training videos that demonstrate the basics of how to assess a parrot's readiness to train and give caregivers a good start in teaching some basic tricks.  Her two books, Project Parrot:  A Behavior Guidebook for You and Your Bird and Biting Matters:  Living Bite-free with Your Parrot, are excellent resources.


Foraging for Parrots

Michele Wellard offers caregivers an abundance of economical ideas for creating foraging opportunities for parrots.  Michele's stated goal is to increase quality of life for all parrots by offering owners instructions on how to create many inexpensive or free foraging toys very easily with no skill or complicated tools.  Her step by step instructions and photo illustrations insure success.  For those of us who are creatively challenged, this is a terrific resource.

My Birdie Buddy

Nyla Copp is a true genius when it comes to creating habitats for parrots, both large and small.  Visit her site to discover the wealth of unique perches, play stations and outdoor aviaries that she offers.  Whether it comes to designing new habitats or revamping old ones, her amazing set of skills coupled with her wealth of experience allows her to devise opportunities for enrichment that aren't matched anywhere else.  I have two of her AviStations and would not trade them for the world. 

Parrot Enrichment

This incredible site, developed by enrichment guru Kris Porter, provides parrot owners with an almost endless array of toys and projects for the caregiver to make at home, as well as videos that demonstrate how to teach your parrot to play with toys and interact with foraging opportunities. Her two books, The Parrot Enrichment Activity Book, Versions 1.0 and 2.0, are both a must-have for all caregivers and are available for download free of charge due to this woman's incredible generosity.

Phoenix Landing

Ann Brooks and her volunteers, who operate a 501C3 that helps parrot owners who must relinquish their parrots, have dedicated themselves to education and enrichment - often helping caregivers to live more successfully with their parrots.  The members share enrichment ideas and tips at this website, on their blog, Twitter and Facebook pages.  The blog itself offers a wide array of information, ranging from recipes for healthful eating to veterinary emergencies. 

Toys and Supplies

Avian Enrichment

Deb White, who has created this exceptional site, offers over 90 articles on 12 easy-to-navigate essential topics.  The site provides information that addresses the companion parrot's physical, emotional and instinctual needs and offers a comprehensive selection of top-tier solution-based products specifically designed to enrich the lives of companion birds. 

Busy Beaks

This site is exceptional due to the wide variety of toys and toy-making parts offered to parrot owners.  Jan Graham offers exceptional service and great prices.  Consistent with her desire to also educate, the site provides guidance on topics as diverse as bird safe wood, recipes, safety, and quick tips for caregivers.  This is also where you can find my favorite pedicure perches, The Sandy Perch.
Cheep Parrot Toys and Tips

This site has pages and pages of inexpensive toy ideas and instructions on how to make them.  Grab a cup of tea and expect to spend some time looking at the many great ideas you will find here.  Expect to be excited and inspired!

Fowl Play

For years, I have happily ordered from this site items that I cannot find anywhere else.  When providing positive reinforcement or distracting parrots from feather destructive behavior, foot toys can be invaluable.  This site has some great destroyable foot toys, as well as a good variety of handing toys. 

Make Your Own Bird Toys

This is the most comprehensive site for bird toy parts on the web.  For those of you who like to do it yourself, or simply save money while providing enrichment to your parrots, this site is the go-to spot.

Rose's Pet Emporium

I love this site!  Margo Rose specializes in providing destroyable toys at reasonable prices, and offers an exceptional assortment of toys for small birds as well.  Also included are nuts in the shell, Harrison's pellets, Scenic Diet Hand Weaning pellets, toy making parts, educational items and a wonderful shower gym. 

The Laughing Parrot

Everything to please a parrot!  Unique bird toy designs, foot & foraging toys, parts, perches, treats, general care info and more.  Honestly, the wealth of great information, food and treats, toys and supplies boggles the mind.  Carol Schieferstein, owner of the site, seems to have a terrific knack for offering the items that parrots truly enjoy and that make the lives of caregivers easier. 

Health and Wellness

Association of Avian Veterinarians

This association, founded in 1980, is an international professional organization of practitioners advancing and promoting avian medicine, stewardship, and conservation through education of it's members, the veterinary community and those they serve.  This site offers owners information on basic bird care, environment and nutrition.  It's also a good place to locate an avian veterinarian near you. 


World Parrot Trust

As a leader in parrot conservation and welfare, the World Parrot Trust works with parrot enthusiasts, researchers, local communities and government leaders to encourage effective solutions that protect parrots.  In addition to conservation and welfare, WPT educates parrot caregivers and the general public on high standards for the care of companion parrots.  Flock Talk is their monthly newsletter and is a valuable resource for all parrot owners. 

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