Pamela Clark, CVT
Parrot Behavior and Care Consultant

Services Offered _____________________________________________

   Telephone consultations, as well as in-home consultations, are available for those experiencing behavior and/or bonding problems with their companion parrots.  All consultations will be approached holistically, giving full consideration to the parrot's health, nutrition, environment and relationship with the caregiver, in addition to the specified concern.  Consultation topics include, but are not limited to the following behavior problems:
  • Screaming and other unwanted vocalizations
  • Aggression (towards the caregiver, spouse or other animals or birds in the home)
  • Feather destructive behavior
  • Self-mutilation
  • Dealing with "hormonal behavior"
  • Fearful or "phobic" behavior
  • The parrot who can't be handled
  • The parrot who can't be caged

   Problem prevention topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Rearing the young parrot into a well-adjusted adult
  • Rehabilitating the re-homed parrot
  • Teaching the parrot to eat an optimal diet
  • Living happily and safely with a fully-flighted parrot
  • Living with African Greys
  • Living with Amazons
  • Living with Macaws
  • Living with Cockatoos
  • Living with Conures
  • Living with Poicephalus
  • Living with Parrotlets, Cockatiels, Lovebirds or Budgies
  • Annual behavior check-up

   Other topics include:

  • Making the choice to allow flight or to clip wings
  • Preparing for a vacation: Who should care for my parrot?
  • How do I identify an avian veterinarian?

  If you don't see your particular behavior concern listed above, I will happily structure a consultation for any concern that you might have.  

Consultation Rates

   Telephone consultations are charged at the rate of $90.00 per hour.  (In-home consultations are charged at the same hourly rate plus travel time at $40.00 per hour.)  The cost of a consultation includes a written summary of all recommendations, as well as a period of follow-up at no further charge, conducted both by telephone and email correspondence.  The length of this period of follow-up will be based upon the length of time spent in consultation.  After this follow-up period, additional follow-up will be charged at $70.00 per hour.  New consultation topics will incur the original $90.00 per hour rate.   
   International consultations are handled somewhat differently, depending upon the client's location, the difficulty of placing telephone calls, and exchange rates.  Clients in other countries should contact Pamela for further information.


   I am often asked about my rate of success.  This is a difficult question to answer because I cannot force caregivers to implement all of the recommendations that I make.  Almost always, resolution of the problem depends upon close adherence to the complete set of recommendations.  The period of time required for resolution is also a factor, in that the longer a parrot has been displaying problem behavior, the longer resolution may take.  Therefore, success usually also depends upon simply doing the right things for long enough.
   That said, however, my personal mission is "Happy Client Every Time."  I have a passion for both people and parrots and the bonds they share.  Therefore, you have my guarantee that I will devote exceptional effort to helping you with your parrot, so that the final result is one with which you are satisfied. 
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