Mentorship Program for Parrot Behavior Consultants


Life is often happier when you have someone by your side as you pursue a new experience!

Please allow me to be that person! With over 20 years' experience as a parrot behavior consultant, I have developed efficient and effective ways of gathering information from clients and structuring successful consultations. 

I have had parrots for over 40 years and have had the extreme good luck of gaining a tremendous amount of hands-on experience. I have bred parrots.  I have taken in numerous individuals, converting them to better diets and resolving behavior problems, before placing them into new (better) homes. I have trained parrots in behaviors as complex as free-flight outdoors. I have cared for them as a veterinary technician. And, I have worked extensively alongside trainer and consultant Barbara Heidenreich and behavior analyst Susan Friedman, Ph.D. (No better mentors exist.)

It takes many years and a lot of luck to acquire hands-on experience in so many areas relating to parrots.  However, it is this hands-on experience that will make you most successful as a consultant. To succeed as a consultant, you need two things: (1) the ability to write, speak, consult and coach, and (2) knowledge of your subject. (To be fair, you also have to  know how to market yourself.) 

If you have a consultation for a problem or an area in which you feel your knowledge might be weaker than you would like, I can help by backing you up. 

History Gathering

Need a better way to get information from clients in a usable form? I will help you to design your own behavior questionnaire that reflects your own special approach to consulting. 

Analyzing Issues for Change

Do you find yourself wondering whether the diet really needs to be changed or whether to recommend a change in the parrot's daily schedule? I can help you by lending my experience to assist you in identifying necessary areas for change.

Client Compliance

Do you stress out over clients who pick and choose when it comes to implementing your recommendations? I have a sure-fire way to gain better client compliance. 


Do you struggle with the best ways to communicate to clients about the things that must be changed?  Do they seem to easily forget?  Learn to communicate with them in ways that ensure the best possible outcome. Find out how to maintain a rapport even when their lack of compliance is an issue. 


Do you struggle to find ways to provide your clients with support after making recommendations so that you set them up for the best success? Does it seem to take so much time that you earn pennies per hour? Allow me to help.

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