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IAABC Certified Parrot Behavior Consultant



Pamela Clark is THE go-to person for one on one parrot behavior consultations. She provides a thorough evaluation and thoughtful solution based in the science of behavior analysis and practical application. Pam has years of experience with parrots, including breeding, rescue, veterinary care, nutrition and training. She brings to the table a set of skills few consultants can match. I highly recommend her to those seeking help for a parrot behavior problem. 

     Barbara Heidenreich

     Professional Animal Trainer

     Good Bird Inc. 


It's great news for parrots and people that Pamela Clark has created this website to further disseminate her behavior expertise. When caregivers turn to me for help with their parrot's feather destructive behavior, I direct them to Pamela who provides contemporary, comprehensive consulting services with an impressive blend of thoroughness, compassion and effectiveness.

     Susan G. Friedman, PhD

     Psychology Professor

     Utah State University


Pamela Clark is one of the most valuable resources I have when it comes to living successfully with my birds. Pam is in a league of her own, when it comes to analyzing problem behavior and inventing practical solutions. 

   She helped me to implement a plan to get my shy Timneh African Grey, Buddy, to accept visitors by allowing him to have a choice about the interactions.  Today, Buddy is a parrot who shows no fear of strangers. I can't thank Pam enough for setting me on the course to sharing my life happily with my parrots. I highly recommend her to anyone needing help with parrot behavior problems.

   Kris Porter - Parrot Enrichment.com



Pamela Clark brings a unique blend of insights and skills to the world of parrots. For years, she has been exploring and writing about some essential issues such as diet, appropriate companionship expectations, social environment, flight, as as she so aptly puts it - the optimal environment. She challenges us to think about the issues that govern our ability to live successfully with birds. When you combine her many years of experience and eloquent way of expressing herself - the result is a remarkable person with an incredible contribution to make towards the quality of life of birds in captivity. I am personally grateful for her foresight, wisdom and intuitive awareness.

   Ann Brooks, Director

   Phoenix Landing


Pam is a genius with parrots, and I can't recommend her highly enough. She has transformed the relationship I have with my African Grey, Bertie. Her ability to pin-point the cause of our problems and implement solutions (all long-distance) is truly amazing. She has taught me (1) to never cause Bertie to be afraid, (2) to build our rapport and his trust in me, (3) that it isn't appropriate for us to try to control an animal's behavior and (4) that training takes patience and persistent effort. All of our work has resulted in a much healthier, happier parrot/human relationship.

   Pam has so much knowledge and understanding of birds.  She should be made compulsory for all parrot owners!


   London, UK


If it weren't for Pam Clark, we would not be blessed with the happiness we experience daily with our African Grey, Mary Beth. She arrived home from the breeder's establishment both terrified and aggressive, unwilling to be handled. We had never owned a parrot before. Several consultants recommended that we return her to the breeder.  We just couldn't do that.  Then, Sally Blanchard, a noted parrot consultant, referred us to Pam.

   I could literally write a book about the miracle that Pam has worked. She spent countless hours, weeks, and months working with us by telephone. Mary Beth made progress every single day.

   If you need help with a bird, call Pam and do everything she says, because everything she says works!  She is wonderful, generous, kind and caring. I would bet my life and there is no better parrot consultant in the world.

   Mike Weinstein

   Newtown, PA