Resources for Avian Veterinarians


Management Consultations

I worked for over 15 years as a veterinary technician for two excellent avian and exotic veterinarians. My duties and experience included writing client education hand-outs, human resource management, inventory management, AAHA certification, and the development of training programs for new team members.   I am also a 2016 graduate of the AAHA Veterinary Management School. 

I offer telephone consultations for veterinarians in the following areas: (1) the development of staff training programs, (2) communication skills for team members, and (3) best methods for client education. Please contact me so that we can discuss how I can best meet your clinic's specific needs. 

Client Education

Do you struggle to educate clients within the appointment time available?  There is SO much to cover.  A multi-media presentation is essential.  I have developed a set of client education hand-outs for parrot owners that can be sent home with clients to underscore the verbal information you have provided.  Please contact me and I will send you samples. I will develop similar materials for your use with your logo and the information you want to impart. Fees depend upon the number of pages to be generated, but typically run about $10.00 per two-page hand-out.


I will always appreciate your client referrals. Please contact me if you would like to receive business cards or pamphlets describing my services to give to clients. 

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