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Welcome!  I'm Pamela Clark, a certified parrot behavior consultant.  Are you struggling with a parrot who screams, bites the hand that feeds it, or chews off feathers?  Then I can help.  Really.  I promise.  I offer both in-home and telephone consultations  for behavior problems, converting parrots to a better diet, and many other issues.  I can also help you to train your parrot.  I not only have a vast base of experience upon which to draw, I am certified by the Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC). Please check out my  "Praise" page!


Written Works

Are you sick and tired of reading information about parrots, doing your best to follow that, only to find out later that it was wrong?  Please check out the many free articles on this site, as well as my popular blog.  I vow to bring you only the most reliable information that will  help you live happier  and easier lives with your parrots. 


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