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IAABC Certified Parrot Behavior Consultant

IAABC Certified Parrot Behavior ConsultantIAABC Certified Parrot Behavior Consultant


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Services: Parrot Training and Behavior Consulting


One-on-One Consultations for Behavior Problems or Training Needs

I'm Pamela Clark, an IAABC certified parrot behavior consultant. I offer both in-home and distance consultations to clients who need assistance with their parrots. (IAABC is the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.)

Many people think that the only effective way to get help is to have someone come to their home. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have worked successfully with clients in India, Australia, France, Norway, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK. 

Unless a client prefers to speak by telephone, I conduct video consults on the Zoom platform. This creates an atmosphere as personal as if I were to be there in person. You can use your phone, tablet or computer to show  me around and highlight anything you think is important for me to see. The Zoom program also enables me to send you a recording of our session after we are finished. 

My 20 years of experience has allowed me to develop a uniquely successful approach to resolving behavior problems in parrots. (Please see the "Anatomy of a Consultation" below to understand better how this works.) 

I develop creative solutions for difficult situations using the most positive, least intrusive methods possible. I listen closely to you and then collaborate with you to develop solutions that create better social balance in the home and a greater quality of life for all involved, in addition to resolving whatever problem behaviors may be troubling you.  No problem is too big or too small. 

 I also have extensive experience training parrots and can teach you how to do so as well. Believe it or not, this can be successful at long distance!  If you need convincing, please read my blog post about Siljan and Dorris.

Do you want to teach tricks for fun? Let's start with targeting. Perhaps you want to begin with husbandry behaviors, like going into a carrier on cue?  Does your parrot only step up part of the time?  Does he wander the floor, chewing up your baseboards?  I have solutions for you.  Can't get your parrot to eat the right foods?  I have developed a sure-fire system for success.  




I do my level best to charge fairly for my time. Telephone consultations are charged at the rate of $90.00 per hour. (In-home consults are charged at the same hourly rate plus travel time at $30.00 per hour.) This fee includes not only my time for the consultation, but also includes a set of written recommendations, as well as a period of follow-up at no further charge.  I do this because I want you to be successful!  

Anatomy of a Consultation

The following is an example of a typical consultation:

Mary contacted me by email and wanted to schedule a consultation for a screaming problem with her conure. I offered to speak to her by telephone first at no charge so that she could get a better feel for whether she wanted to work with me. She declined, since she was familiar with me and my work.

I sent her a behavior intake form to complete. This was sent as an email attachment. (Completing this form helps me to be more efficient when we do speak and to keep the cost of the consultation down for the client.) She opened the attachment on her computer in her Word program, inserted her responses below the questions, saved the document, and then returned it to me.

We had our video consultation, which lasted for 1.5 hours. I invoiced her for $135.00 through PayPal ($90.00 per hour.) I then sent her a recording of the session and a written summary of our plans for change.

We then talked once a week for 6 weeks at no further charge to her. (I offer 1.5 months of follow-up for 1.5 hours of consulting, 2 months for 2 hours, etc.)

At the end of the 6 weeks, she wanted additional support for one month. I invoiced her for another $90.00 and we enjoyed four more weeks of follow-up calls. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

 It's difficult to offer guarantees of success because I cannot force caregivers to implement all recommendations, nor to keep in touch during the follow-up period. Therefore, I do not refund consultation fees if problems are not resolved. Further,  problems long in existence will take longer to resolve.  

However, my personal mission is "Happy Client Every Time." I have a passion for both parrots and people and the bonds they share. You have my guarantee that I will devote exceptional effort to helping you with your parrot, so that the final result is one with which you are satisfied.  ~ Pam 


I usually send clients an invoice through the PayPal website after the consultation. This makes payment very easy and offers the ability for clients to use a credit card.  However, if you prefer a personal check or money order, that is acceptable also. 


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