About Pamela Clark


My college majors were French, Journalism and Ornamental Horticulture.  A perfect educational start for a woman who ultimately dedicated her life to the welfare of parrots, right?  Not exactly.

When I was 19 years old, I walked into a pet store and came eye to eye with an African Grey parrot. It was a profound experience for me, which left a lasting mark. I vowed to one day have such a parrot. In the meantime, I contented mysef with budgies, cockatiels and lovebirds.  I just happen to love anything with feathers!

When the time came, I visited nearby breeders with a great deal of excitement and hope. (This was back when there still were lots of hobby breeders.) However, the greys I encountered were shy and not inclined to visit. Something was wrong. Baby parrots should want to interact.

In my naive arrogance, I decided that I would breed my own.  I did, with the help of my friend and mentor, Phoebe Green Linden. The birds I reared were confident, skillful, coordinated, bold and did well in their new homes.

Hands-On Experience Leads to a Unique Approach

In truth, I didn't feel all that good about breeding parrots, since even back then they were losing their homes right and left. So, after I had my grey companions and satisfied my quest for knowledge about the developmental paths of young parrots, I turned my efforts toward helping caregivers with their parrots.

From what I could see of the information currently in print, it struck me that getting as much hands-on experience as possible would allow me to be most helpful. 

I have:

  • Trained parrots and coached others training parrots alongside Barbara Heidenreich, Chris Shank and Hillary Hankey.
  • Done rescue and rehab informally (no 501C3) by taking in selected individuals deemed hopeless,  getting them onto better diets and resolving their behavior problems before adopting them into better homes.
  • Studied communication and listening skills with eagerness so that I am able to assist caregivers effectively by telephone as well as in person.
  • Worked for 15 years as a veterinary technician for two different, excellent avian veterinarians and became a licensed technician.
  • Assisted Susan Friedman, Ph.D. in teaching a Parrot Behavior Consulting course for CASI.
  • Volunteered with IAABC to develop their application process for new certified parrot behavior consultants. 
  • Written a whole bunch of articles,  which have appeared in Bird Talk, Birds USA, the Psittacine, Grey Play Round Table, Companion Parrot Quarterly, Holistic Bird Newsletter, Talking Birds and Parrots magazine. Some good souls have also translated these into several foreign languages for reprint.

All of these experiences have crafted me into a woman who loves parrots and people and who is well-positioned to help you with any problem or challenge you might have with a parrot, from finding a good breeder to resolving feather destructive behavior. I am dedicated to complete and never-ending improvement in my knowledge, in your knowledge, and in the quality of life that our parrots' enjoy.